Monday, March 2, 2020

5 Benefits Of Podcasting Vs. Blogging

When setting up a website or new business, many entrepreneurs instantly think about creating a blog through which they can promote new products and services. However, blogging isn't necessarily the best way to do it, although having a blog is an important aspect of any website.
Here are the benefits of using podcasting to reach out to your visitors.
1. It's Personal and Real
One of the reasons why podcasts can be more effective than blog posts is because they seem that little bit more real. Videos and audio recordings as opposite to text written on a screen often appeals to many people, and it's also easier for people to put on a video while they're cooking or doing something else. Watching somebody talk in a video or listening to somebody's voice in an audio recording can be more effective since you can convey more emotions, such as tone of voice or facial expressions.
2. It's Convenient For People
Your listeners don't have to be online at the time you post the podcast - they can watch it later and catch up. This makes it convenient for both you and the listeners, since you can create and post content whenever you like and they can listen or watch the podcast whenever they are free.
3. It's Easy To Do
There's nothing complicated about making a podcast. All it involves is a camera or smartphone to record it on and a connection to upload it to the internet and post it on your website. You can make videos no matter where you are in the world, and as long as you have a Wifi connection, it can be uploaded instantly.
4. It's Simpler Than a Blog Post
Making a video or recording for your podcast series can be easier than creating a blog post, since you don't have to worry as much about making spelling mistakes. Since you're talking rather than writing, you can say more in a shorter space of time and worry less about whether you've spelt something incorrectly or missed a comma here and there.
5. Videos Are More Appealing on Social Media
If there's a link to an article and a link to a video, more people will be attracted to the video than the article post. This is because videos are more visually appealing to most social media users, which means that your website will get more clicks, visits and interest.
A podcast provides on-demand and targeted content that your audience are looking for. It's free for your audience, they can listen to it on the go, and allows you to connect with your audience much better than text-based media. To learn how easily you can start your own podcast, download my free checklist, Podcasting For Beginners, at

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