Monday, February 10, 2020

Where Are You As A Podcasting Expert

Depending on your niche, your background and your aspirations for your podcast or business, you will need to establish yourself as an expert. This expert status will help to drive traffic to your website, your podcast and your business. Expert status in the eyes of your peers, your listeners and your clients will be needed for your overall success.
I've been sharing on the importance of using podcasting today as an easy way to make this happen. Podcasting today is kind of where blogging was 7-10 years ago. Podcasting is growing at almost 15% per year and the money is just starting to flow into the industry.
You do not need your own podcast to be part of the growth trend (although it does not hurt). You can establish your expertise as a guest on other people's podcasts and leverage their audiences to help grow your business.
To do this, you will need to decide what kind of expert you are or desire to be.
Basically, there are three types of podcasting experts.
Are you the scholarly type? Is what you share on the level that you are influencing doctors, lawyers, and folks like that? There is an audience needing your wisdom so they can be better in what they do. Scholarly experts achieve their status through their eduction, licenses and credentials.
Are you a Guide? Are you so familiar with the terrain that your clients are trying to travel, that you can "show them the way?" You can show them the shortcuts. You can show what perils await them and how to avoid them. You know these things because you have traveled this path many times. Guides become experts by knowledge gained through experience.
Are you a Traveler? The Traveler gains expert status simply by being supportive of others. As both, you and those you travel with, venture into the unknown of what you are attempting to do, you will learn as you go. You may not have all the answers. You may not have the degrees of the scholar. You may not have the experiences of the Guide. But you have the empathy, and the well-being of your listeners at heart. You want to walk the path with them. You don't know the path. You don't know the pitfalls that await. BUT - you are willing to walk the path with your client. You will be there to support them and to learn with them.
You will able to support and be a guide to each other as you journey together. You will have a relationship with your listeners and your clients that will be closer than any scholar or guide can provide. Weight loss is a niche where this might be an example.
If you have been battling weight problems and finally decide to do something about it, you could start a podcast or coaching business. You advertise it as "we will do this together." You will offer support to each other. They will hold you accountable and you will hold them accountable.
You need to decide where you are at. What type of expert are you? Because that is how you will need to position yourself to your audience and also to others that have podcasts in your niche.
You cannot be a "Traveler" and try pitching to "Scholarly" podcasts. The host of that podcast will not consider you as an expert for his or her audience. In the same light, a "Scholarly" expert would not be considered a right fit for the audience of a "Guide" or "Traveler." They might think the scholarly expert is "talking above them."
You need to identify your expert status and how you will pitch yourself as an expert to your niche and to those that host podcasts in your niche. When the value you deliver matches up with the expected needs of their audience or clients, you will considered an "expert" in that niche.
Why do I keep talking about pitching yourself to those that host podcasts?
Because leveraging the audience of other podcast hosts will help to increase your traffic and grow your business!
If you become a guest on other podcasts and share what you are doing in your business, you can doing three things.
1. You bring value to the other person's audience. They trust you to do so. Do not make it about "your offer." Do not make it about what "you can do." You must give value to their audience! And I mean GIVE AWAY VALUE! You need to share some top-level information. Information that you would normally charge your clients for. You do not need to give away the Crown Jewels. But you should be willing to part with some pearl necklaces!
2. The other person is doing the hard work. They are putting in the effort of making each episode bring value to help their audience. When they invite you as a guest on their show and to talk with their audience, it is for that sole purpose only!
3. Do not disappoint! It is better to under promise on your offer to do an interview and then over deliver on the content you provide. You will "wow" the host and receive positive reviews and maybe even referrals to other program hosts!
You can reach out to the podcasts in your niche of expertise. You may not receive many offers at first, but do not give up! Once you have your first guest appearance, promote that interview to add credibility to your future contacts. As you get three, four or more interviews under your belt, you will find more and more hosts will accept your offer.
Once you do a dozen or so interviews, your presentations will be a lot smoother. You will be more comfortable in what you are sharing. You will have "experience" in being viewed as the expert in your niche during these interviews. All of this helps to establish you as an expert in your niche as you continue to promote and grow your business.
Robert Thibodeau has been in online media since 2010. Between his online radio programs and his podcasts, he has accumulated more than 3,500 episodes and conducted more than 500 interviews in that time as well. He has helped many people to launch their own podcasts (many of which have earned numerous podcasting awards). He has a complete podcast training program, taking you from "Concept to Launch and Into Monetization." You can read more information on his training program at You can also download his "Podcast Creation Checklist" for FREE under the "Services" tab on his website.

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