Monday, February 3, 2020

How To Become A Guest On Other Peoples Podcasts

The first step you must understand about being a guest on other podcasts is to build a relationship!
You could pitch 200 different podcasters with "Hey, can I be interviewed on your podcast?" Maybe 5 will take you up on it. It may be more than that, but you get the point.
But, if you take 3-4 weeks of going to their LinkedIn profile, their Facebook page, their Twitter feeds, and just commenting, and building value, and helping their existing followers, that will be step in the right direction. Your name will begin to be familiar to them.
They will notice you are giving value to their audience and not pitching your website or services. They begin to appreciate that fact.
But, let's go one step further.
Podcasters LOVE to see reviews about their podcasts and their episodes. It is, truly, a rare occasion when someone leaves a review. I know this first hand.
Unlike blog posts or Facebook posts, most podcasters do not receive a notification when someone leaves a comment on their episodes or on iTunes (Apple Podcasts). But, they do check for them! It may not be every single day. I only go through the steps to check for reviews and comments about every week or so. But I do check (and so will they)!
If you are in the "relationship building" mode, after one or two weeks of commenting on LinkedIn or Facebook, go to their podcast site and listen to a few of their podcast episodes. Two or three of them, at least. Then leave a comment in the show notes. Don't blow smoke! Just be honest. Find something to give a positive comment about. "Great content. I never thought of that before." Or "I had not thought along those lines before."
And, if you can, go over to their podcast on iTunes (Apple Podcasts now), leave a rating and a review. If you do that, you're going to get their attention! I guarantee it!
They were happy when you were commenting on LinkedIn or Facebook.
They will be thrilled when you like, comment and share an episode or two from their podcast episodes.
Then, when you leave a great review and rating on Apple Podcasts, you will become one of their best bud's! Guaranteed!
This is one of the easiest ways to stand out from the crowd and to get their attention. But don't pitch them with your offer to guest on your podcast or to be a guest on their podcast just yet!
Continue to interact with them a few more weeks. You'll notice them replying more and more to your comments. You've built up a relationship by then. You've established yourself as someone who is a giver. You've become a "friendly face" on their profile page, giving value to their clients and followers. It is at this point you should "soft pitch them" about being a guest.
Just send them a message about something you seen on their social media and ask them if you can interview them about that topic. Or if you are trying to be a guest on their podcast, you can tell them how your wrote a book on this topic or gave a talk on this topic. "Offer" to discuss this topic with their audience.
Then, spice it up a bit! If you have written a book on the topic, offer to provide a digital copy, e-book or.pdf for their listeners - FREE of charge!
You will be surprised how many people will take you up on that offer.
But, the only way this method works is if you build the relationship first. If you just jump on social media and "pitch" every person that gives and bit of interest in your profile, you will strike out more often than not.
Build the relationship to build your business!
Robert Thibodeau has been in online media since 2010. Between his online radio programs and his podcasts, he has accumulated more than 3,500 episodes and conducted more than 500 interviews in that time as well. He has helped many people to launch their own podcasts (many of which have earned numerous podcasting awards). He has a complete podcast training program, taking you from "Concept to Launch and Into Monetization." You can read more information on his training program at You can also download his "Podcast Creation Checklist" for FREE under the "Services" tab on his website.

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