Thursday, February 13, 2020

Are You Stressed Over What Other Bloggers Are Doing?

Are you constantly comparing your blog to the competition? Do you give yourself a pat on the back because you think you are doing something better than your competitors? Alternately, do you get frustrated, and chastise yourself, for not implementing some successful strategy that another blogger is using?
If you are "freaking out" about what other bloggers are doing... Stop It!
Mental Stress
Mental stress causes inflammation which can lead to serious physical problems. You probably have enough stress in your life already. The world we live in is constantly hectic, and you never have enough time in your day to do everything that is scheduled. On top of this, new problems arise which add to your workload, meaning even more stress.
This means there is no reason for you to create additional stress which is unnecessary, unhealthy, and based upon something you have no control over.
You can only control your own actions. That means if you are stressing out over what another blogger is doing, you are really upset about something that you either have or have not done.
Think Smart
In many cases, this means using automated blogging software, editorial calendars, freelancers and other smart blogging tools is all you need to do. This makes you more productive, doing more in less time. Rather than creating stress over other bloggers, this reduces the stress in your life.
You should also realize that, in many cases, some blogs have more financial capital to spend than you do. You can't fight a marketing budget that is bigger than yours. Make a plan, do what you can do, and do it consistently.
Shiny Object Syndrome
Another great reason for not worrying about what other bloggers are doing has to do with a marketing term called "shiny object syndrome". That indicates a lack of focus on a marketer's part. From a fear of missing out on the "next big thing", a blogger diligently watches what other bloggers do, instantly reacting to every "shiny object" they see.
This means that when they see a new marketing strategy, piece of blogging software, or source of added revenue on a competitor's blog, they instantly go chasing that shiny object, hoping that it will be the Holy Grail that delivers the results they have not yet achieved. Rather than keeping consistent and focused, they are constantly jumping from one strategy to the next, and their blog suffers.
What Next?
Should you check your competition frequently for good ideas and strategies? You definitely should. However, you don't need to get stressed out when they are doing something differently from you. Make a plan, stick to your plan, be relevant, publish better quality content than anyone else, and your competitors will be worrying about what you are doing, rather than the other way around.
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