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Increasing Your Podcast Downloads UsingThe Facebook Algorithm To Your Advantage

I discussed in a previous article about how Facebook "scores" each post you provide. In this article, I will go a little deeper into what "Signals" the Facebook Algorithm looks at in making the scoring determination. If you focus on increasing your interactions in these areas, you will increase your overall "algorithm score" and see more of your posts being promoted to a wider audience.
I use this method to help promote my podcast episodes and the number of downloads I receive. By using Facebook to share the information, I have seen an increase in the number of downloads my podcast has received over time (as compared to when I do not make a post about an episode).
But simply posting a link to your podcast episode is not going to help you very much. You need to take the full spectrum analysis of the Facebook algorithm and use it to your advantage. It is possible and the following information will help in this area.
First is the number of comments and likes you receive on a post or video. You can grow this number by more with other people's posts. This almost always results in them doing the same for your posts.
The next area, in fact, is "engagements." How many of your friends pages and posts are you commenting on and engaging in conversations. Not just giving a "Like." But actual conversations.
Which takes us to "Replies." In order to increase the engagement score (which results from comments and likes), you need to REPLY to comments made on your posts. You will be surprised at the number of conversations that will result if you do so. Each of these conversations are "extra points" as far as Facebook is concerned.
Remember, Facebook is a SOCIAL MEDIA platform. It is designed for interaction. Not just self- promotion. The more you interact with others, the higher your algorithm score will be. It is not how many posts you submit. It is how many people you are interacting with.
Which takes to the SHARES. How many posts are you sharing from other people. Also, how many people are sharing your posts. Shares score higher in the algorithm than Likes. So the more Shares you have, the higher your score.
Is it the same two or three people sharing your posts? Or are you sharing the same content from the same couple of friends. If you share content from someone already scoring high in the algorithm (a well-known celebrity in your niche), that will score bonus points from the algorithm.
Hand-in-hand with that, is the age of the content. The average Facebook post is relevant for about 4-5 hours. So if someone is sharing your posts from 12 hours ago (or longer), the algorithm does not give that share as much value as if they are sharing something from 1-2 hours ago. The more recent the post and the more shares you receive, the higher the score for that post.
It is possible to share content from two or three days ago and continue to receive bonus points from the algorithm. How? In addition to the age of the post, the algorithm also takes into account the time that has elapsed since the most recent posting or commenting. So if you are still receiving interaction, likes, comments, replies and shares two, three or even a week later, that post receives a higher algorithm score than others. Facebook will continue to show that post farther and farther down your friends list.
Next up is the technology used to post the information. Was it from a desktop computer or your cell phone? Yes, the Facebook algorithm can tell the difference! In this day and time, people accessing the platform from their smart phone receive higher scores than those who only access Facebook from home (after work and at the end of the day). Smart phones allow access all day long, and that is what Facebook wants!
Also, the Facebook algorithm looks at the type of post being made. Was it text only? Did it include an image or picture? Was it a video? Are links included to other Facebook pages or profiles? Was it a Facebook Live video?
Facebook is really promoting their Live video right now. If you are going to record a video and post it to Facebook, use their Facebook Live to do so. It will be shared quickly by Facebook. Live video scores high in the algorithm. A video scores higher than an image or picture. But having a picture is a lot better than a simple text post.
Another method to increase your algorithm score is to "tag" other people when you make, comment or share a post. By "tagging" them, you automatically notify them of the post. This will usually involve them visiting your post and commenting back. Remember, it is the interaction that the algorithm is monitoring!
Beware of links that take people away from Facebook (such as a link to your website or YouTube). Facebook will dramatically cut your algorithm score. Remember, they want people to stay on their platform. If you really need to include a link to your website, etc., put the link on a post on a page. Use the main post to send people to your Facebook page instead.
One method that has been used (and Facebook is now moving towards monitoring) is to put the link down below the post in the first comment. You make your post and then say something like, "for a link, please look at the comment below." Then you "Like" the post and make a comment that includes the link to your website (or elsewhere) for people to visit.
Facebook is "on to" this method and lowering scores of posts that do this. If you have two or three comments and replies and make the link, it works better. But it is still something that will lower your overall post score. Remember, Facebook wants you to stay on their platform.
Another area monitored by the algorithm is how long people are spending on your post. Are they viewing it in a scroll? They stop, hit the like button and then move on? Or are they staying there, reading the content, writing a comment, sharing and interacting with others? Are they spending several minutes there doing so? That will score high on the algorithm.
Also, the algorithm will take into account the completeness of your profile. Do you only have the most basic information posted or is almost every area completed? Have you seen the notices Facebook sends you about "adding a phone number" or "adding an address" to your profile so more people will be able "find you?" This is not talking about people calling you at 2am. It is talking about the Facebook algorithm showing you to more people. (But beware of listing your home address and home or cell number on a public profile. I use a business address and business phone number - just in case)!
Each person on Facebook is given their own, personal "score" by the Facebook algorithm. This score in unique to each and every person is adjusted continuously by the algorithm. You may have a low score right now but increase it by the interactions you make in the next few hours on the Facebook platform. Then it begins to diminish as you shut down Facebook for the day and go to bed, go to work or even go shopping for a few hours.
The more time you spend on the platform and the more interaction you have with others, the higher your algorithm score will be. The higher your score, the more Facebook promotes your profile and your posts. The lower the score, the less of your friends that see your posts.
I hope this information has given you a better idea of how the Facebook algorithm works. All of these factors, called "Signals" in the Facebook algorithm are adjusted on a continuous basis and almost instantly. Use this information to your advantage and you will reap the results! Your posts discussing your podcast episodes will be shared wide and deep by the Facebook algorithm!
Robert Thibodeau has been in online media since 2010. Between his online radio programs and his podcasts, he has accumulated more than 3,000 episodes in that time. He has conducted almost 500 interviews in that time as well. He has helped many podcasters with launching their own podcasts (many of which have earned numerous podcasting awards). He has a complete podcast training program, taking you from "Concept to Launch and Into Monetization." You can read more information on his training program at You can also download his "Podcast Creation Checklist" for FREE under the "Services" tab on his website.

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