Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Important Social Marketing Lessons From the JCB Digging Phenomenon in India

Enlightened social marketing experts would like you to believe that the number of likes your account, post, or update receives is unimportant, and what really matters is quality. No doubt, quality matters and anybody not posting quality content online is going to struggle to gain traction.
Yet, that doesn't mean you can afford to ignore numbers completely. Just check out how '#JCB ki khudai'- Hindi for #JCB Digging- has become a complete sensation on Instagram and other social platforms.
What's #JCB All About?
It so happened that a social media user highlighted how videos of JCB machines digging up earth has received many million views on YouTube and other video sharing sites. There certainly is something soothing about watching a monster JCB machine demolish a structure, dig up a road, or perform other heavy-duty tasks in a jiffy.
But five million views for such videos? Do people really have so much time on their hands? And this is exactly what led to a series of memes, funny videos, and other content on social media platforms.
Learning from the Viral Sensation
So, what can your YouTube account or Instagram page learn from this recent viral sensation? Firstly, numbers matter. It may be cool to say number of views or addition to the likes on your page don't matter, but the real truth is numbers do matter.
Do you really think every single viewer of the JCB videos watched them for entertainment? After the first million, viewers probably clicked on the videos just to find out the reason behind the million views.
So, just like the proverb about kindness begetting more kindness, social media views and likes begets more and more views and likes, and that's the real truth.
Further, it is very important to note that nobody, not even a single viewer of these videos, bothered about the source of these views. Are they real? Were they a result of a 'buy YouTube views' package? Nobody knew and nobody really cared.
People just looked at the numbers and the views kept on coming. There's no doubt that some of these videos are really interesting. Yet, one must ask whether these videos really deserve more views than the population of more than a hundred countries in the world.
This is the power of viral content on social media. Get it right and your video, soundtrack, meme, update, or post will go global on its own momentum.
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