Thursday, January 9, 2020

5 Must Have Skills For A Social Media Manager

Social Media managing has become an integral part of any organisation that is dependent on marketing in one or other ways. It has evolved into a multi-purpose and complex role that can help a company in achieving its highest goals. It has become so widespread that now every single member of a team is required to have an aptitude for using these platforms.
A social media manager is now required to work in coordination with every department of a company; it is no longer a job that has an independent or isolated role. As it is already mentioned it has now a complex role and that's why you need a specialized person for it - An expert. Every social media manager needs to have some important skills and we have made a list to help you in finding one for your company:
  1. An Aptitude For Writing - A major part of the job of a social media manager is regularly communicating with the customers and that too in writing. While the person shouldn't be an expert in writing but he/she needs to have a consistent voice on behalf of the company. So, command over the language to coherently express the ideas is a must.
  2. Graphics Designing - It is now an almost universal fact that a post with a photo is more likely to engage the users of social media. Several surveys have been done to establish this fact. Platforms like Instagram and Pinterest which are more focussed on visuals constantly require good quality images.
  3. Analytical Skills - When managing a page on any social media platform, you will be constantly bombarded with data and charts. This information can help to increase the organic reach if understood and used wisely.
  4. Understanding Of Content Marketing - This is an important skill to have as the whole concept of social media managing also fits in the wider goal of achieving higher rankings on it. A marketer should know how these platforms influence the search rankings.
  5. Being A Real Person - Sometimes in the constant cycle of posting and retweeting, we forget that social media is for interaction and socially engaging with real people. If you constantly show to your customers that your company is comprised of real people working day and night for them then your customers will be able to relate to you.
If you are looking to hire a person to do this job for you or looking for an agency, remember to look for passion in them for being constantly updated with latest trends.
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