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Is There Anyone That Uses Sales Funnels to Drive Traffic to Your Business

Using Sales Funnels To Drive Traffic To Your Business?
The Click Funnels Choice
The software that makes it easy to set up and start making sales is Click Funnels.
I see a lot of people searching for that.
I get a lot of questions for it.
So what do I want to do is I want to go through what exactly is a Click Funnel.
So if we take a look at what, what is a sales funnel?
A funnel is a sales process where you attract people with marketing to a series of pages that walk them through the process to buy your product or service from awareness to interest to decision to taking action.
So a funnel is a sales process.
A click funnel is the software that runs in the background to create that sales process from your landing page to your offer page, to your order page, and then the subsequent pages in the followup marketing.
But ClickFunnels is actually designed and built and invented by Russell Brunson and his team at ClickFunnels.
Click Funnels is a software that's about three and a half years old and it's really taken over how we design the process of selling online.
So what we've had in the past is websites that were built like brochures.
Brochure websites are where you go and there's a lot of different things for people to click on and get more information.
But what do we really want to do as business owners?
We want to provide solutions to people's problems.
And in today's day and age, people want to get their information quickly and decide whether it's worth it to shell out the money to buy that solution to their problem.
And that's what a sales funnel does so effectively.
What we as online marketers have done for years is try to cobble together sals pages by using a lot of different programmers and coders and different softwares like email follow up and trackers and things like that.
Russell had his company and his designers put all of that into one software package, so let's actually take a look at the software.
The sales funnel process.
So first you have a landing page.
The main goal of the landing page is just to collect some information so you can follow up with a prospect because you now have identified them as having some sort of problem that they need a solution for.
Then once we do that, we take them to the next page.
Which is the offer page.
The offer page is where we identify this person has a problem, you have the solution.
We explain to them why our solution is the best solution.
Show that other people bought our solution and liked it.
Then give people one thing to do.
Either buy it or leave the webpage.
Then once they click buy now, then we take them to an order page.
The only function of the order page is to get credit card information.
No selling.
The selling is done.
All we need to do is collect the credit card information and then what we can do to make your sales more effective is offer another product that's similar to the product they just purchased for what we call a order bump.
So in other words, without leaving the order page, they can actually select another product to purchase from me.
That increases the value of that customer in the sales process that didn't exist in any other software and that's something that click funnels has designed into it automatically.
So people put in their credit card one time and then they can get the product that they wanted.
Then you can actually have them add a similar product that would benefit them from the product that just they just purchased from you.
Then once you have that, and what we've discovered with the order bump is about 20 to 30% of the people actually take that add on product.
And once they go through that process, whether they add the bump or not and they click buy now.
Then instead of checking them out, what we can do is we can actually take them to another product to upsell them.
So again, we're trying to generate as much money as possible and to take people through a process to solve their problem with the product or service that you have.
Now what happens if they don't take the upsell?
Did they say... "No, I don't want it."
Do we just say thank you very much?
What we do is for the 30% of people that take the up sell, that's great, but then they're set in 65 to 70% of the people that don't.
Well then what we can do instead of sending them to the thank you page is send them to a down sell page.
So in other words, instead of buying our $997 service, we can actually say, well, we have a beginner program and for $97 you might want to start a little bit slower.
And what we've discovered is anywhere from 15 to 25% of people will actually take the down sell if they didn't take the ups off.
But remember they've already purchased the main product and many buy the order bump.
So once they go to the down sell page, if they take that, then they can go to the thank you page.
Now here's the genius of the whole thing.
Instead of having multiple different pieces of software, what Russell and his team did was put all the pieces together.
Once you collect their information, let's say somebody comes to a landing page and goes to the offer page but doesn't buy.
That happens about 90% of the time for any product or service.
What we can then do with our system, because does is it puts all these people into an email Smartlist.
An Email Smartlist is not just an email database like you would have with a lot of other email providers, but a smart list.
So now if somebody didn't purchase from us.
We can actually send them to a another list and send them an email sequence one, two, three or four to encourage them to buy.
Now people are going through a sales process.
If they don't buy, well then, we can send them to another series of emails, whether it's the same product and explaining it a different way.
Or maybe you want to offer a similar product that might be your affiliate product that would solve the problem.
Or if somebody actually purchased off the first email, the Smartlist will actually remove them from the database and they won't get the sequence, the follow up sequence.
But if the person doesn't buy well then we could send them to another email sequence that talks about that same product or a similar product that you have or an affiliate product that would be similar to help them solve their problems.
And if they don't buy there, then they can go to another set of emails.
And you can do that over a sequence period of time that you can actually split test to find out what it takes and how many times it takes for people to actually purchase your product.
And the best thing about it is, is once you put this in place, it's an automated process.
So what you can do is you can figure out, let's say that your customer, and just for argument's sake, it's worth $10 to you, but let's say that you spend every time and it costs you $15 to get somebody to buy your product that you're gonna make $10 on.
Well, that doesn't make good financial sense and you're not going to be in business long.
But what you can do is if you know it takes $15 to get somebody to buy your $10 product, once you have them in the email sequence, then you can actually offer them different products or similar products down the line through your email followup system.
So that you know, when they start buying other products, when they become profitable to you.
So let's say you spend $15 to get the person to buy your $10 product, but then you know, three emails later, 90% of the people will take an affiliate product that pays you a $5 commission.
So now your $10 product plus the $5 commission from affiliate product, now you're at a break even point.
And once you're at that break even point, then it doesn't matter how much money you spend on advertising because you know that it's specific period of time from when you start your advertising that you'll actually be spending as much or making as much as you're spending.
So anything that you get in profits after that is total profit to you.
That is the power of having a sales funnel process. So what do I do is I want to show you how we actually design this for a chiropractor client.
We helped him design this and what it is is it's a weight loss product and we take them to what we call our landing page or our irresistible offer page. And all this is designed to do because when somebody's coming to our page, because of weight loss, we know they want to lose weight.
So now it's just a matter of providing them with the stimulation that they need, the social proof that they, that this works, the fact that they can get an awesome deal right now on this landing page where they get a 90% discount, that's again a strong motivator and then we show pictures of how this has worked for others and then once they decide to click on the LinkedIn says they want to take our offer, then it takes them to the order page.
And this is where the only thing we're looking to do is collect their credit card information so that we can charge their card for that product.
In this particular case, it's a weight loss session, but again, once they put in that information before we let them go, we make an offer to them. We actually upsell them to more of the same.
So in other words, instead of buying one weight loss session, then they can buy three more weight loss sessions at a significant discount, which is in this particular page is a 92% discount.
When people are looking to buy from you for the first time, you want to give them irresistible offers so they know that this is a onetime deal and they're never going to get this again.
So let's say they go ahead and take this, or even if they don't take this offer, we now send them to another offer and this is that down.
So I'll offer where we can actually offer them a couple of more sessions and give that to them.
And a even a steeper discount of 94% so what we're doing is we're actually giving them as much incentive as we can to buy from us.
Once they do that, then we actually take them to the thank you for your order. So they know they've actually completed the purchase.
But then in this particular case, the next thing we discovered in the process is we want to get them into the office as quick as possible.
So we ask them to sell schedule to come in. So you don't have to go through the process of taking the order and then having them call them.
I have a live person, call them on a fall. What we do is we actually offer to have them self schedule.
It would, what we discovered is anywhere from 60 to 70% of the people who are hot to get the service because they just plunked down money.
They can actually self schedule their appointment. Now obviously that's going to go into the businesses queue and see if a time was available.
But it speeds up the process and it makes for a happier customer because they get satisfied immediately after they purchased from you and they've given you their money. So if we click here this is that system in the background.
This is click funnels and click funnels is by far the easiest software I've ever used.
We've had been using the software for about nine months now and we've switched all over all of our agency clients, all of my personal businesses to click funnels because of all the different softwares and all the different programs we had to hire an all the different coders and all the different marketing people for the retargeting and all that stuff. We now can do it with one software.
It makes it very simple, very easy.
So I know because you're looking at this video, you're doing some research on click funnels.
I want to give it my my seal of approval.
I will bounce for, we use it.
We've got a lot of clients using it and one of the things that I've discovered is that like any software, there's an adjustment period.
So anybody that signs up, and there's going to be a link down below where I'm going to put in my affiliate link. What's an affiliate link?
If you don't know what that is, an affiliate like just means I through this video referred you to click funnels. So if you purchase click funnels, click on the whole know that I referred you.
And also once you do try your 14 day free trial with ClickFunnels, I'm going to give you access to our membership area.
It's completely 100% free, nothing to buy, but what it does, it takes you through the steps a, B, C, D to get started.
So if you don't have a domain name, how to go get one, once you have a domain name, how do you actually point it at click folds?
Once I pointed that out, click funnels, how do you set up a funnel and then all the steps you've got to go through to create a funnel for your a accounts so you can get up and rolling in that 14 day period.
So we spent a lot of time and a lot of effort going through each one of the steps that we discovered that we got to go through every single time we either start a new client or we start a new project.
Again, all of that, all those videos are 100% free to you when you sign up as an affiliate to click funnels through one of our videos. So I hope this was really helpful for you.
Go ahead and sign up and get your 14 day free trial.
Give it a try.
And like I said, we'll take you through step by step how to get up and running quickly and successfully and start generating revenues for your business.

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