Wednesday, December 18, 2019

How To Convert Your Website Traffic Into Customers

Pretty much nobody will buy from you on their first visit to your website. That fact applies to all online businesses, no just yours. The reason is that person is trying to get to know you. They want to determine if, in their minds, your products or services bring value to their life.
So once that somebody does land onto your website, how do you convert them into a customer?
1. Provide Valuable Information On Your Website
There are generally two main needs on which just about all buying options are made. People want to stop pain, or get a pleasure. If your website content demonstrates to your audience how your products or services can stop pain (and ideally at the same time provide pleasure) it's the first step to convert your website traffic into customers.
2. Obtain Their Email Address
Once a website visitor has seen the information on your website, they will most likely jump to another website or social media network to see what else is on offer. Instead of just hoping they'll come back to you website at some point in the future, you want to get their email address by offering an appealing, high-value checklist, report or eBook for free that provides more information on solving a big problem in the lives of your target audience.
3. Set Up Your Email Autoresponder
Once your website visitor has provided you with their email address you set up autoresponder software to send a "Thank You" email. This email contains a link to download your free offer immediately after somebody enters their email address into your opt-in box.
4. Provide More Value
You can now use email to build a relationship with your prospect to convert your website traffic into a customer. Following your "Thank You" email, send out 5 to 6 engaging emails that continue to deliver lots of valuable content relevant to your market. Explain to your audience about what problems in their life you're going to resolve. Tell them what they have to do for you to solve them, and then follow through on your promise.
5. Ask For The Sale
Ask for a sale, but you only after you have developed a relationship with your audience. You need to have a call to action at some point. At the end of your preliminary 5 to 6 email autoresponder series, you can make a low-end offer that is almost to good to pass up. On the back end of that offer, you make a higher one time offer (OTO) that fits with the low-end purchase.
This is where a high-value product for a respectable price makes all your work effective, and will turn your website site traffic into sales.
An effective sales funnel can put your business on autopilot and consistently convert leads into customers if you structure it the right way. To help you set up a sales funnel for your business, download my free Sales Funnel Checklist at
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