Thursday, December 12, 2019

How To Connect With Big Names On LinkedIn To Boost Your Business

Boosting your business can be done in many different ways on social media, from advertising to joining groups and contributing, and from targeting a specific audience to trying to catch some big names.
Here are some of the things that you should bear in mind when trying to link with big names on LinkedIn.
Build Up a Base For Your Business First
You can't join LinkedIn on behalf of your business and instantly start trying to connect with the big names and famous people. You can try, but you're unlikely to get very far, and LinkedIn may even try to stop you from connecting with anybody else.
You should spend at least the first few weeks and months building up a supporter and customer base from regular members of the public and other LinkedIn users. The more your brand is recognized, the more likely you are to be successful with the big names.
Find People With Common Interests
You can try to target whoever you like on LinkedIn, but remember that those most likely to reply and engage with you are those which already have an interest in your industry or niche.
For example, if your business relates to new ways of dealing with waste and pollution, look out for big name activists or politicians which have been heavily involved in these issues.
If you can't find anything in common with somebody on LinkedIn, ask yourself what the value in connecting with them is really going to be. By finding the common interests, you will be able to appeal to them more effectively, increasing the chance of a meaningful connection and future contact.
Take The Time To Make It Personal
It's a well-known fact among those who regularly correspond with big names that if you don't make it personal, it's unlikely that you will get a reply. If you haven't bothered to put any extra effort into writing to them, why should they be bothered to reply and get involved with your ask?
Take a few minutes to research the person beforehand. This enables you to include a couple of relevant details which would be of interest to them or act as a memorable reminder of who you are.
You should also remember or be aware that famous people and well-known industry leaders on LinkedIn receive hundreds of requests to connect, and only connect with completely new requests when they can see a real benefit or something or someone that really interests them.
Whether you're marketing direct to consumers or to other business professionals, LinkedIn can help your business. To get the most out of this potentially game-changing social media site, you need to know how to market "the right way". To learn more on how to expand your circle of influence, grow your business and improve sales and profits download my free LinkedIn Marketing Guide at

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