Monday, December 23, 2019

How And Why To Improve Your Relevance Score On Facebook

If your business is on social media (and it should be!) it's important to know your Facebook relevance score and how to improve it.
The relevance score is a metric that shows how well your Facebook ads are resonating with your target audience on a scale of 1 to 10. A score of 1 means your ad is less relevant compared to other ads targeting the same audience, and 10 means your ad is very relevant.
Your relevance score is very important because a higher score lowers the cost of advertising on Facebook. You want to pay less and reach more people, right?
Are your ads receiving a low relevance score? If so, you need to improve them to save money and reach the right people.
So how do you improve your score?
Know your target audience well and target a specific audience.
Before you can target the correct people, you need to know who exactly you want your ads to reach. Do audience research or create buyer personas. This will help you get the demographic information, the problems and pain points, and the customer feedback of the people you intend to target.
Use Facebook's Insights to see the demographics who have interacted with your ads. Use this information to create buyer personas and decide who you should target. Look for a demographic that's more likely to interact with your posts.
Split test your ads.
Split testing is a good way to improve your relevance score, and it's simple. Split testing is testing versions of the same ad to see which version performs better. Show the same ad to two different audiences to see which audience responds well. Or you can show two different ads to the same audience and see which performs better with your target audience.
Choose the best-performing ad. However, after some time, your ad's relevance score may decrease as the audience tires of seeing the same ad. When this happens, refresh the ad. Change the image or do another round of split testing and see what resonates well with your target audience.
Use high-quality, relevant ad copy and images.
This is self-explanatory. You'll get more clicks, likes, and shares if your ad is well-designed. Use images relevant to your business and what your ad is trying to achieve. Also, make sure you use high-quality images. Blurry photos will not improve your relevance score! Also, use clear and concise text.
Make sure all your calls to actions are easy to understand. Let your audience know what they're supposed to do.
Facebook wants you to succeed using their advertising platform. This just makes sense. If you achieve your business goals while spending money on Facebook advertising, you're likely to use that marketing practice again in the future. To learn how to make your Facebook marketing successful and profitable, download my Free Checklist, Successful Facebook Ads at

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