Saturday, December 7, 2019

Expert Tips for YouTube Video Marketing

YouTube is a powerful tool to grow your business and gain a bigger reach of clients. It is a cost-effective way and using YouTube should be a part of your content marketing strategy. No doubt, YouTube has always been a source of entertaining content, but now it's also being used as an essential tool for marketers.
Are you new to YouTube marketing or looking for ways to improve your YouTube video marketing strategy? Here are some tips which will help you to engage your audience, improving your strategy and using the platform as effectively as possible.
The Magic of Mobile-First Thinking: Marketers must focus on mobile-first approach as around more than half of the videos watched on YouTube are played on mobile. Videos must be optimized properly, one should make videos that work with or without audio, as 85 percent of YouTube videos are watched without sound!
Create Perfect Thumbnails: Effective and attractive thumbnails always make users click right away. It also helps in making your YouTube channel more recognizable. Thumbnails should always be relevant to the video's content and title.
Brand Your YouTube Channel: You must focus on branding your YouTube channel. It is your responsibility to make your YouTube channel attractive and encourage your visitors to take you seriously. Use your logo for your channel, also include links to your website and other social channels.
Include Call-to-Action: Adding call-to-action will help you to create more engagement on YouTube. You must do it smartly otherwise it can also be irritating for viewers.
Tell Them a Story: It is a very effective way to connect with your customers by telling them your story. I will create a more powerful emotional connection with the customers and it will also increase their engagement with your product and services.
Limit Videos to Under 5 Minutes: Viewers need a good reason to be interested in your video. Always create high-quality content video, try to optimize your videos to be under 5 minutes. Make them interesting, informative and short.
Reach Out Your Audience: Embed your video directly on your blog, it will help in improving the ranking of your video.
Increase Traffic To Your Site: Adding links to your website and social profile in the description of the video will boost the traffic to your site.
Focus on Entertaining and Instructing: Never try to advertise your products and services in a direct manner. Your video must be entertaining and knowledgeable, this will increase the chances of getting more like, comments and shares.
Share Videos By Social Channels: Sharing videos on social media will help you to grow your channel. You must have to be active in social communities and groups.
Working With Other YouTubers: It is a good way to find more new audience and increase your subscriber base. Find YouTube influencers from the same niche and make videos with them.
Optimize Title, Tags, Description and Keywords: Placing the right keywords in title, tags and description can help in optimizing the video both for users as well as search engine.
The tips discussed above will definitely help you attract your audience and stay ahead of your competition.
This article is written by Ted Mosbii from InfoStream Solutions of Toledo. InfoStream Solutions is a full-service web design and Digital marketing company based in the Toledo, Ohio

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