Tuesday, December 10, 2019

Content Creation Tip: Curate Content From Twitter

Curate content for your readers and become the go-to source of the best information on the internet. Inside you'll learn how to use Twitter to share content your readers want to read. First, make a Twitter list of the best content creators in your selected topic. Second, search popular niche hashtags. Finally, capture it all in a spreadsheet.
Before You Begin
When searching for content to share keep your blog's categories in mind.
For instance, if you're a food blogger search for recipes, healthy ingredients, and cooking tips. You may even want to go deeper, like Vegan, soups, summer salads, or spring cooking from the garden.
Make a Twitter List
Start by creating a Twitter list with the top content creators for your chosen topic.
To do this,
  • Go to your profile, click on your picture, in the drop-down menu select lists
  • Create a new list
  • Choose to make it private or public
  • Add a description
The next time you need to curate content just go to your topic specific list and scroll. Heart anything that catches your eye to review later.
Use Twitter Search
Your chosen topic has hashtags associated with it. For instance, a food blogger may use #eatingclean,#yum, or #foodoftheday. Just enter it into the search bar.
Tip: save the search for later by clicking on the 3 dots on the far right side of your screen then selecting save this search.
Now, just scroll the feed and like anything you want to read, watch, or listen to.
You'll start to notice the same faces. When you find a content creator who consistently shares good stuff, add them to your topical list.
Make a Spreadsheet
I like to keep my content in a spreadsheet. You can create one in Google Sheets. Categories I include are
  • Name of post
  • URL of post
  • Thoughts, tips, or takeaways
  • Topical searches
  • Date shared
  • Where shared (Tw, FB, G+, or Email)
Each time I do a session I add to this list. It makes for quick sharing on social media, in my email newsletters, and in roundup blog posts.
Putting It All Together
Add time to curate content to your daily or weekly schedule. Set aside 25-minutes. I use the Pomodoro technique but you can simply set the timer on your smartphone.
Spend the first 10-minutes scrolling one of your lists or searches. Highlight anything you want to explore.
Spend the next 10-minutes visiting or viewing the content. Take notice of any tips or points you want to share.
Finally, spend the remainder of the time adding it to your spreadsheet.
As you can see, Twitter can be a simple and fast source of new content to share with your readers. Using lists and saved searches will keep everything in order. Capture everything in a spreadsheet or use an app like Evernote.
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