Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Best Way To Advertise An Online Business and Generate Traffic

Do you do pay per click traffic?
It's funny because when Facebook came along, everybody forgot about pay-per-click traffic.
Things like Google AdWords and whatnot.
Before Facebook ads, Google AdWords was like the only way to get traffic that anybody ever talked about it.
It's like, oh my God, my Google account got banned or something.
Or Google, this, that.
You know, the funny thing is that what used to work, still does work and that includes pay per click ads, PPC ads.
Basically paying per click.
They're these little classified ads, in effect, that you use to drive traffic.
Now the cool thing is you can use them on more than just Google ad words.
There are other pay per click ad networks.
There are websites that will sell you traffic.
There are or all kinds of places you can use these, use them in your emails, use them all over the place.
What I want to share with you right now is the pay per click, the PPC ad scripts.
And what these do is help you to come up your PPC ads, pay per click ads.
Now the one thing I want to tell you real quick, quick disclaimer, is that Google does have restrictions on length.
Length does matter to Google apparently.
So when you fill this out, sometimes your little ads that you come up with will be too long.
So you will need to edit them.
There's nothing I can do about that because it's all based on your answers.
Okay, so I'm just going to tell you that right up front.
But the cool thing is that you're able to come up with really cool pay per click ads that you can use in a variety of situations, not just with Google.
I would encourage you to go ahead if you've never used this script before or if it's been awhile, is to go ahead and use this example.
Main Keyword Phrase:
Identify Bottom-Line Problem:
Identify Solution or Desire:
Solution Format:
Name of your product or service:
Specific time frame for WHEN they can get results?:
Target URL:
Display URL:
Time frame / Urgency / Timing for results:
The thing I would tell you is just like with the curiosity ad copy script, if in doubt be very brief.
One to two to three word answers.
That's where you start getting too long.
So I would imagine this will probably take you 10 minutes to fill this out.
But I want you to notice that these are all based on proven add formulas.
We analyzed thousands of pay per click ads and these are based on the ones that we know work.
The best converting ads are...
- Question ads
- Desire for gain ads
- Solution centered ads
- If then ads
- Tip teaser ads
- A reason ads
- Product centered ads
Basically you need to write dozens and dozens of pay per click ads.
Then you can go through and find the ones that immediately jump out at you.
And that's pretty much the way I use this.
I fill this out.
If I like what I see, then I start grabbing them.
If I don't like what I see, then I'll come back and I'll start changing these to come up with new stuff.
So that's what you're looking to do.
This is not rocket science.
This is just doing it in a way that is going to get the attention that you need.
And the whole purpose of these ads is to get a click.
That's it.
You're not selling your product through the Ad.
You're selling them on the click.
So this is a super helpful script to do a very specific thing in your marketing.
So go ahead and use it.
Hope this helps your business.
I use to spend hours and hours writing out my PPC ads and I hated it.
Then I hired it out to a copy writer and got sick of paying for ads that didn't work.
Now I use a funnel script that Jim Edwards thought me.
I'll put a link in the author box below
Check it out for yourself
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