Friday, November 15, 2019

Best Strategy to Not Only Drive People to Your Website But Have Them Buy Your Product

**Lead Funnel... **
A Lead Funnel is a funnel that generates leads, but it does sooo... much more than that.
**It not only attracts leads, but it also... **
- builds trust
- grows a list of leads and customers
- builds relationships with your list
- converts leads into customers
- recoups your ad cost
- offers your customers additional opportunities to work with you
- and ascends customers up your value ladder.
But before you can do any of that, you have to have a lead first
And that is what Lead Funnels do...
They help you get leads.
**A Lead Funnel has five simple parts;**
1. Lead magnet
2. Offer page
3. Thank you page
4. Sales page
5. Follow up funnel
I'll break down each step for you.
**LEAD MAGNET (Attract and build value)**
Simply put, a lead magnet is something you giveaway (For Free) in exchange for that person's email address, phone # or contact information.
The higher the value, the more personal the information people will give you.
In theory you would create a lead magnet that would attract your ideal customer and provide them value.
**OFFER PAGE (Exchange value to build email list) **
An offer page is a website where you exchange your lead magnet for an email address.
You are offering something valuable enough that your prospective customers are willing to trade their email addresses for. (Understanding they will be contacted by you in the future)
**THANK YOU PAGE (Fulfill promise, Build trust)**
On the Thank You Page, you build trust with your prospective customers by giving them what you said you would give them.
You fulfill on your promise.
**SALES PAGE (Offer product or service to build customer list)**
After your leads have received value from you, they are more likely to do business with you.
This is the best time to offer a product or service to them on your sales page. Offering a product or service right away also helps you recoup your ad costs quickly an build your customer list.
**FOLLOW UP FUNNEL (Communicate with the list to build relationship)**
The last part of a lead funnel is the follow up funnel.
It's the emails you send after you have the customer's email address.
Not only can you provide valuable content for free in those emails, you can also offer products or services that you know can help your customer such as eBooks, home study courses, and live events.
Because of your lead funnel, you can continually grow your list so you can market to them without paying ANY advertising cost.
After getting help from your lead magnet, your customers will say, **"That was amazing. I need more..!"**
And they can receive more value as they buy your increasingly higher-priced offers.
This is called "moving your customers up the value ladder".
If you are not sure how to put this together, then watch the video below.
So whether you're just starting out or whether you have a massive following already, follow these five funnel steps to create your lead funnel.
Don't wait until your product is ready.
Don't wait until everything is perfect.
**Start today. **
Once you start, you'll begin growing the relationship with your list.
And as we all know...
5% of people immediately
80% of A sales come between the 5th and 8th follow up.
**The Money Is In The List..!**
Hope this helps
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